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I had unprotected sex on June 24th. My period (which is always directly on time, last 7 days, every time) was suppose to start on June 27th. It's not July 15th and I've gotten nothing!!! Around the 30th I was having really bad cramping, super sleepy, cranky, etc. The usual period symptoms. But that only lasted for 2 days and I have gotten 0 period. Not even spotting. I know those few days before your expected period are when you're least likely to become pregnant, but it's still possible!!! Should I be running to the store for a pregnancy test to be sure?! If so, HOW SOON CAN I TAKE ONE?!


First off, you can reliably take a home pregnancy test on the very day of your missed period, if you have a regular and predictable menstrual cycle. Since you have already missed your period, you should be able to test now. 

What you describe does sound like the early signs of being pregnant, but like you say, they can also be premenstrual symptoms. The most convincing pregnancy sign you have had thus far is that missed period, and that's really the most important one! If you're pregnant, the other ones, nausea, tender breasts, peeing more often, etc, should start soon.