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Since ancient times, virginity and virginity loss were identified as very important for various types of reasons depending on culture and religion. Virginity has most commonly been identified as a characteristic of female children and unmarried women, and its loss before marriage was often linked to non-desirable personality. But what is the exact definition of virginity? It is said that a woman is a virgin if she has never experienced sexual intercourse, but studies say that the definition of sexual intercourse is today very variable.

The only type of intercourse that everybody accepts as a sexual intercourse is a vaginal sex. On the other hand, interviews with young adults have shown that most of them characterized anal sex as "sex", but for oral sex, this number is less than 50%.

Is hymen destruction equal to virginity loss?

Hymen represents a membrane placed at the entrance of the vagina. It is a part of vulva and an external female genital organ. Hymen can have variable shapes, and traditionally, damaging the hymen represents the loss of virginity. Although the hymen is in most cases disrupted as a result of first sexual intercourse, there are many other causes of hymen stretching or destruction in childhood, such as cycling, gymnastics, ballet, placing foreign bodies in the vagina, etc. In those cases, hymen destruction cannot be actually considered virginity loss as the person did not have sexual intercourse. On the other hand, due to different shapes and elastic properties of hymen, it can remain unchanged even after repeated sexual activity, so having the hymen does not really prove that women did not have vaginal sexual intercourse. That is the reason why even gynecologists cannot always tell if women had a sexual intercourse. There are many cultures where losing hymen before marriage is considered immoral and unfavorable.

Hymen restoration surgery

Nowadays, cosmetic or esthetic surgery enables people to completely change the external look, so for some time now it has been used to restore hymen too. The operation itself is very simple and takes about half an hour. That is a good opportunity for women who accidentally lost their virginity before first intercourse or even due to a rape, and to whom this concept of having an intact hymen before marriage is very important. Hymen restoration in women who lost virginity due to normal vaginal intercourse some may find deceptive and meaningless as having an intact hymen isn't actually a reliable proof of virginity. Nevertheless, every woman has the right to choose whether she wants to undergo this procedure no matter the reason, so today, you can even find women who gave birth(s) but have an intact hymen.

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