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I had my period on June 30th. And then had unprotected sex multiple times in one night on July 22nd. I usually have very long cycles. Between 36-52 days long. On August 4th, I started bleeding. It was very light though. There wasn't enough blood for a tampon. Just pantie liners. I usually have a very heavy flow where I'm changing my tampons every hour or so. The bleeding went on for about 4 days, which is shorter than my normal period. I took a test around 16 days after we had sex, and it was negative.

Aside from the very light bleeding, my breasts have gone up an entire cup size. They don't fit in any of my bras, or my low cut shirts anymore. That's never happened to me before. And they seemed to have grown almost over night. I'm always hungry, but the thought of food makes me sick. The only food that I can actually stand to eat is a Chicken Burrito from taco bell. I'm ALWAYS thirsty. It can't be because of dehydration, because I drink tons of water everyday. I'm also going to the bathroom more than usual. At least I believe I am. I've been insanely exhausted lately. I don't do anything all day, except sleep. I never have enough energy for anything. I have a very clear face, naturally. I don't usually have to wash my face or anything because it's usually very clear. But I'm starting to break out in some places. 

I know I got a negative test, and I should re-test just to make sure. I'm only 15, and I'm scared to death. I feel like I could be pregnant. I'm going to retest soon. I just want to know if I sound like I could be pregnant. I want to know if the chances sound high. Does it sound like a good possibility? Or is there any other thing that could cause me to have these symptoms?

I want advice on whether I should tell my mom I think I'm pregnant. I don't live with her. She knows I'm sexually active. And I've had pregnancy scares before that she knows of. And so I'm scared to tell her that I think I'm pregnant, and then not be pregnant. Because I don't want her to know I've had sex lately, unless absolutely necessary. Should I tell her?


Hi 15,

I'm a bit concerned about the light bleeding you had.  It may indicate implantation bleeding.  With your long cycles, it is hard to calculate when events normally will happen.

I would suggest you take another test.  Be sure to use ONLY your first morning urine.  Why?  Because it is more concentrated and more likely to give an accurate result.

Your other symptoms are not specific to pregnancy and could just be related to you being an adolescent.

Take the test.  

I'm glad you can talk to your mom about this.  Take the test first.

Hope it helps.