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i found out that i was pegnant in july and had an abortion in august.
After the abortion i was told to take the pill then to my knowlege i forgot about 3 times to take the pill so i had to double up the next day. then august 21 i had unprotected sex at 8pm. the day after i took planB and coontinued to take the pill reguarly.5 days later i got on depo to make life easy and 10 days later i had a period that lasted for 2 day about.My next shot was nov 14th and i didnt go becuase i was scaredand i just started to take the pill again the 30th of november

i just want to know could i be pergo?


I don't think that you could be pregnant. Since you have had so many different methods of birth control you should be fine but may I suggest sticking to the one that works best for you? And if youre worried about pregnancy always use a condom even though they kinda ruin the moment. It's always worth it to have the peace of mind they give if you use them properly.