Early Saturday morning my boyfriend and I were fooling around. We had sex but he pulled out before he came. I was nervous about pre-cum so we went and got plan b that night. I took the first pill around 9:30 and then the next 12 hours later. I didn't have any side effects and I got my period a week after taking the pills, which means it was 12 days after my last period and 12 days before my next. This kind of through me off because the last time I had taken plan b I had gotten my period on time. Was this just break through bleeding or my actual period? It lasted 4-5 days like usual and was heavy to moderate, like usual. The only difference was it was a bit darker. I am a bit confused now as to when I should expect my next period? I know I don't really have anything to worry about because we were both positive nothing got inside of me, but the possibility of it being able to happen so easily makes me overreact. I normally get my period on the 30th of each month, so I figure if I don't have one then I will take a test that weekend. I'm thinking it was just my period coming early and I will get my period a month from that date now. Does this seem right?