I was off my birth control pills for almost a month because I missed a couple of pills and I figured I would just wait and start over on a new pack the next month. I got my period April 22 or the 23 I can't remember and it was over April 28. April 29 my husband and I had sex early afternoon and I started my pill late that night before I went to bed. That Monday I got up and went to work and I had cramping on the right side of my uterus so I knew I was ovulating. I went to the bathroom and a big ball of mucus came out and it looked like a superball I'm not sure if it was cum coming out still or not from the day before when we had sex?!?!? I still had pain on my right side the next day too and I'm continuing on taking the pill. Plus I had a milky discharge. Today has been a week. What are my chances of getting pregnant??? I have 2 children 11 and 7 yrs old and I get pregnant very easy. When we planned my son I got off the birth control and was pregnant a month later.....I'm 34 yrs old what are my chances of getting pregnant I think there pretty HIGH. Please help!!!!!!