Now, just for a point of reference, early symptoms are not impossible for me(I had symptoms 3 days after conception with my first). But I'm not sure if these symptoms are indicators of pregnancy... I do feel pregnant, but that could all be psychological.

So my LMP was July 20th. I had sex on my birthday (July 28th). My cycles are super long (45-55 days), but this is because my family is super weird genetically and we tend to ovulate multiple times in a cycle. I know for sure I ovulate somewhere near the beginning of my cycle and again near the end. On Monday, July 30th I had spotting and thick, clear mucus. On Tuesday I woke up with a horrible back ache that seemed to be around my ribs (kidneys maybe?) and moderate-severe menstrual-like cramping all day through Friday (August 3rd). I rested all day Wednesday because I was feeling so bad, but I was sent home from both of my jobs because of the cramps and backache on Thursday (Aug 2nd). Usually I could go a day or so without eating and it never really bothered me, but since Tuesday I've had hunger pains every hour or so. Later in the evening on Thursday I spotted just once more and a couple hours later I threw up. It was mostly just retching because I hadn't had any appetite, despite all the hunger pains. During the bit where I tried to work I got extremely faint and lightheaded (I scared my boss; he told me I was looking particularly pale). On Friday, most of my symptoms let up (nausea, faintness, etc), but I still have a very mild backache, hunger pains, slight lightheadedness (very infrequent), some tightness in my abdomen, bloating, and some intestinal issues that cause weird sensations (popping, twisting feelings). My lower abdomen is completely soft, with no stiffness or hardness at all.

On an emotional and psychological level, I feel very similar to how I did with my first pregnancy, but as I said, it could all be in my head... Advice/Comments/Help??