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Hi all,

About 6 weeks ago i had what i thought was a cold, after 2 weeks with the running nose, sneezing and dry throat and lightheadedness i contacted my doctor. She said it sounded like i had a sinitis infection, so she gave me antibiotics and a steroid nasal spray. I have been using the nasal spray everyday and the symptoms have eased alot, but im still feeling a bit lightheaded and weird in the head area. Today i had a really bad headache and now i have a weird sensation like a cold tingle in my left upper arm. The headache has gone, but i worried sick that i have something wrong with my brain. I suffer from Generalised anxiety disorder and im under extreme stress at the moment as my dad has terminal lung cancer and as a family we are devastated. Do you think the symptoms are anxiety related? Its not affecting me doing anything, i just know that its there. I was in A&E 2 weeks ago as i have costochondritis and needed to check everything was ok. My heart trace was fine so was the lung xrays. Could costochondritis cause these syptoms too?


I say go back to your doctor if it's still bothering you, or an ENT specialist.
It might just be something simple like sinus headaches caused by the infection. Your arm problem could be caused by costochondritis, if you read up on it it can cause chest pain and all kinds of symptoms. If something is inflamed it could be pinching a nerve or something like that. Your anxiety could also be making it all worse, just try to relax.