All symptoms of pregnancy, but negative tests. WHY?? I should say, I have a copper IUD. My fiance and I did not use protection, and when I got home and looked at my calendar I realized I was due to ovulate the day after he came in me (TMI-sorry!). Now, I'm, 8 days late for my period and have ALL the symptoms of pregnancy. Even my fiance said I am A LOT more "snug" down there (this happened with my other pregs). I'm bloated, crampy, gassy, have tender boobs, tired, moody, urinate a lot more often, have vivid dreams, have a constant wet feeling down there and had some creamy CM. I spotted light pink at 3 days late (VERY small amnt) and a brown discharge (small amnt), the next day I had the cramy cm. My back hurts, my legs hurt. You khnow...the symptoms keep going. However, I've taken several tests and all but 2 were negative. The others had a very faint lines (evap lines maybe?). I know it is not psychological b/c I don't want any more kids, but I would be OK if I was pregnant. I just don't understand what could cause ALL of these symptoms if I'm not pregnant? I did have an ovarian cyst 6 years ago, but it was drained and no probs or pregnancy symptoms with that one. I'm not under any stress. I just don't get what could mimic pregnancy THIS closely! I have an appointment for a pap on Friday so please no "get a blood test". I NEED HELP!! I need to understand what else this could be. I do have cousins that never tested + for preg and had twins! PLEASE HELP!!! I'm going crazy because I'm a spine patient and on meds that couyld hurt the baby IF I am pregnant, so I really justy need some words of wisdom and encouragement. GOD BLESS!!!