I am new to this. AF is usually on time and consistent every month and last 3 days. I ovulate towards the end of the month always. I had unprotected sex April 24th and again on April 30 with my partner. We are not TTC but we are also okay if it happens. May 1st while sitting in the movie theater I started to feel a gradual tightening feeling in my stomach from my belly button to my pelvis. At the same time I started to gradually feel nauseous and little cramping sensations. I have never experience this the day of or before AF. I thought maybe I ate something bad and/or AF was here. I started to feel just a little dizzy also. This last till bedtime. No AF. I always start on the first. The next day I had spotting and later at work when in the restroom, I wiped loose red blood. After that it just stop and I went back to spotting. this was the same for the next day. The third day I just spotted. After the third day, I started having lots of white discharge. The amount gradually increased everyday. On the 25th of May, I was producing so much discharge that I saw drops of it in the toilet. (sorry TMI). Today 27th of May, it still has not decreased or stopped. For the whole month of may i have been experiencing mild discomfort in my lower stomach, moments of pinching sensations near ovaries on both sides, slight bloating, dizzy spells, nausea, constant lower back ache, fuller boobs, slight nipple and areola darkness, mild loss of appetite, fuller faster, no hunger pains when skipped a meal, tiredness and fatigue throughout the day. I have taken so many pregnancy test all BFN and a blood test that also came back a BFN. The doctor said I would be three weeks yesterday the 26th of May. I have read so many stories about blood test being a False Negative and woman turning out to be pregnant. What I am experiencing is so weird. I never had any symptoms or pain during AF except for the pressure. I do not have any STI, STD or any symptoms associated with it. No itching with the discharge, no bumps or sores, burn when I pee or anything like that. Just Whit creamy discharge that smells slightly different than other times I have had white discharge. This is driving me crazy.