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First and for most my cycle is a 22 day cycle, just keep that in mind.

on the day after my period and the day after that (December 4Th and 5Th) i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. i had felt a weird tickling feeling in my stomach ,all the next week,(7Th-11Th) that wasn't that bad till i would eat then I'd feel nauseous but it would pass. on Wednesday i got bad cramps and then diarrhea but it wasn't very watery. on Thursday i had a brownish red jelly like discharge that I've never seen before and then again on Friday but it was a very light light brown color.

yesterday and today (13Th and14Th) i had slight cramps that felt like i was starting my period but i know im not and also my sides kinda cramped up. i also find myself sleeping any chance i get! i cant lay down with out passing out. sometimes when i sit down and get up i get dizzy spells and also if i stretch i'll get them.

also food changes... i HATE HATE HATE lamb and the other day i had an Irish stew that had lamb in it and i loved it! also apples, i usually love them but lately i cant stand them. food i usually like tastes bad or i have no interest in eating it and food i don't like actually sounds good.

is it possible I'm pregnant?? people have said its not possible to be having pregnancy signs so soon so I'm very confused. its to early for a test i think and i want to take the home test before i go to the doctors... so opinions?? help? could i be pregnant or am i just going crazy??


Well, I first decided I must be pregnant when I would come home from work and nap for hours at a time, when I never did that before. I was always exhausted. I also could not stand the smell of meat and stopped eating it. I then started getting nausea a few days later. Ithink it isvery possible you could bepregnant and having symptoms already. My mom said she knew she was pregnant with two of he rkids because she would feel "fluttering" inside her uterus really early on(similar to what you reported). I say go get a pregnancy test andfindout. Ifyourhavingthese strong symptoms, a test may be able to pick up on the horomones already. If it come back negative, wait another week or two and get another one. I recommend EPT (the digital one is SUPER EASY). It sometimes takes a while for thehoromone to show up on apregnancy test, so just because they coime back negativeonce ortwice, don't rule it out. If your test comes back positive, make an appointment with an OBGYN for your first checkup. They will do another pregnancy test at your first visit to verify thatyou in fact pregnant, and you can always make an appt with them right now to find out for sure, instead of doing a self-pregnancy at home test. It may make it easier on you to know it is in their hands. I say RIGHT NOW prepare yourself mentally and emotionally because you just might be carrying a baby! If so, CONGRATS. I am a new mom (she is 9 months old now) and it is the greatest thing you will ever endure. Although, it is difficut at times, my daughter is seriously the best thing that ever happened to me. Good luck. Keep us :-) posted!