I've been taking birth control pills for over two years and haven't had a regular period since. I've changed prescriptions 3 times and nothing seems to work. The first few months, I was taking Stronyx, then switched to Desogen (Solia). While taking Solia my period would start as early as 1 1/2 weeks into a new pack ranging to about 3 days before I started taking inactive pills. Now im on Ortho Tricyclin. This is my second month taking it. The first month my period started exactly when it was supposed to, but this month I started my period 5 days before I was supposed to. When my period starts early like this, it's always a brownish-red color and flows like a regular period until I stop taking active pills, then it turns to a normal bright red. I'm very frustrated and confused and would like some insight on to what may be going on.