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I am on birthcontrol have been for 5months now and this month was a little werid I had my period on March the 16th & 17th it was for only 2 days and it was brown looking and it kind of looked like a period.. but now its april the 5th and I started bleeding yesterday first it started with white discharge and then this bloody clumby brown discharge or period if thats what you want to call it but my stomach hurt and cramped really bad for about 1 week before periods are normally and they come at the right time every month I took a preg..test about a week ago and it came negtive..I am married with two kids already and don't mind for a 3rd but could this be me being pregnant or something else? I have been really tiered lately but I can't tell if its because Im pregnant or im just tired! I have missed to pills in the month of march but it was the pills you take when on period. but we do have sex a least 3 times a week. and can you get pregnant while on your period and on birthconrtol? iam 25 buyt thanks alot!! and when do i need to take a nother test?


I've been on birth control for just shy of a year now, and I do occasionally get a brownish discharge, sometimes even in the middle of a pack. From the reading I've done on the subject, this is normal. My period now usually lasts 2-3 days and is significantly lighter than when I wasn't on the pill. If you read the little pamphlet of information that comes with your pills, you can get exact statistics of the likelihood of becoming pregnant after missing one or two pills. With the two brands of birth control I've been on, missing the inactive pills you take during the week of your period makes no difference; these are (to my knowledge) unmedicated and are just there to keep up the routine of taking the pills at a regular time. As I said, the most accurate information to your prescription comes with your pills. As for pregnancy tests, there are some (such as First Response) that you can take up to 5 days before your next expected period, but the accuracy increases the closer you get to your period.

I'm guessing you might be tired because you're married with two kids. :-P

It never hurts to take another test, but it sounds like you should be in the clear. If you feel uncomfortable or are experiencing new symptoms you're unsure of, it's always a good idea to ask your gynecologist. They know a lot more than your average person on the internet. :-)

Hope this helps.