I start Desogen(birth control) 6weeks ago, my friends said you had to wait 30 days til it was in you system before you could have unprotected sex without getting pregnant, that was after the fact I waited 13 days but the pack said 7days (but I don't know if it was for people already who had been on it). I stop taking my pill five days ago after I got light head and dizzy. The pill made me hungry all the time, just horrible but after I got dizzy, I refused to take it and I'M STILL DIZZY.

I had my period two weeks ago, and now its back again--twice in a month. Is it because I stop taking the pill?

I been peeing like two time in one hour but now that my period came, not so much, but I rather pee than bleed... I'm have mood swings,always sleepy, sometimes I feel like I'm pregnant, I don't know what going on! If you have any advice to help me I'm all open ears!!!