I'm not sure if i'm just having pms symptoms or if this is early pregnancy symptoms. I have fatigue, lower back pain, tender breast, and a little cramping every now an then. I usually have pms symptoms a wk before my period like i am now. But i recently had unproctected sex on Sept. 5th and Sept 7th he came inside, i have a app on my phone which keeps track of my periods and when i ovulate my last period was aug. 26th and my ovulation day was either on the 8th because i had a lot of eggwhite discharge and it was stretchy and i was cramping or the 9th because i had pain on my right ovary or the 10th which is when i'm suppose to on my calender (sorry if that is confusing). But i know it was one of those 3 days because after the 10th i started drying up anyways, i'm suppose to get my period this sunday sept. 23 so is there a chance i can be pregnant or is this just pms symptoms. I know sperm can live up to 3-5 days is there any chance my egg got fertilized. Idk i'm a little worried im 17 about to be 18 next month i want a baby but not until my fiance finishes college the same for me.