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How do you know when your egg is ready to be fertilized? For some couples fertility and getting pregnant are as easy as eating a chocolate cake. But for some, it might take a while.

How do you know when your egg is ready to be fertilized? - you might ask. For some couples fertility and getting pregnant are as easy as eating a chocolate cake.

Checking your cervical fluid gives you essential information about your fertility. Woman is most fertile five days before and one day after ovulation. Peak fertile cervical mucus is thin and stretchy. Thin mucus makes it quite easier for sperm cell to reach the egg. Periodically clean your vaginal area with a baby wipe.

Secretion is stretchy and sometimes looks like egg white. It s a good signal for getting pregnant. Certain sexual positions improve your chances of conceiving. Irregular periods can make getting pregnant more difficult so get rid of bad habits like overeating, smoking, drinking alcohol. Be sure that you re actually ovulating. You could buy an ovulation test kit at the drugstore or order one via internet. It s similar to pregnancy test kit. It only requires an urine sample. If the test kit fails to indicate ovulation during three months of use, you might try different product but it s also good idea to consult your doctor. I had one of the ovulation kits, and tried using it for several months. After about six months of using it, I decided to return measuring my basal temperature every morning. That was more effective in targeting my ovulation but I ll try to explain this method in some other article.

It is also good idea to shed some weight. Your desire to conceive should be a good motivator. You might look for some professional help regarding your diet and what you should eat to lose weight. Body fat may produce estrogen and too high level of estrogen can cause poor egg quality. It can throw your cycle out of balance and interfere with regular ovulation. Too thin body is another issue. It can cause infertility in women as well. Excessive amounts of exercise can be a cause of infertility. Being too thin can lead to the body stopping ovulatin. Some women who are too thin and bordering on emaciation can have a problem conceiving. Without enough body fat, you may not ovulate normally. In this case uterus may be unable to accept implantation of a fertilized egg. So you should add more healthy calories to your diet like lean protein, whole-grain foods, and olive oil. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Get plenty of iron because some women can develop low iron levels during pregnancy(meat, spinach and watercress). You should avoid eating raw meats and seafood including sushi, deli meats including hot dogs, Refrigerated smoked seafood, fish high in mercury(Shark, Swordfish, King Mackerel and Tilefish), unpasteurized milk and juices, alcohol. 

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