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Continuation from my last post; my friend and I had sex again last night, he used a condom this time. Anyway, when he inserted, I think he went too deep because I felt something pop, I felt this numerous times actually (it wasn't my hymen, he tore that last time), and I had this burning sensation and extreme pain run through my vagina and up to my lower abdomen and lower back. He stopped and asked me if I was okay because I jumped back, I told him yes but to go slower. By the way, it was slightly rough sex, and he kept penetrating really deep.

Anyway, after we finished, I went to the washroom, and I noticed that there was some blood again. Now, my lower abdomen is sore and tender to touch, my lower back has a huge cramp, and my hips are in a little bit of pain. When I sneeze or cough my lower abdomen hurts even more, and so does my vagina. Also, when I sit down, pain radiates up my vagina and I'm almost in tears, and I can feel spasms and contractions. Did he bump my cervix during intercourse? What should I do? I don't want to go to my doctor.


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If it was slightly rough sex i would say if could me bruised you a bit and hit your cervix.
There isn't much you can do hun only let it recover on its own, you could try taking a warm bath but if you have sex again try a position that's not so deep and go slow then if you still get the problem go get it checked out hun