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So you just discovered that after sexual intercourse with your partner, there is a condom left inside your vagina. It is important to not panic ok? Please try and stay calm. This happens more often than you think. Oftentimes, the condom can slip off especially if intercourse is a bit more aggressive or if it breaks, then it is easier to fall apart leaving the entire condom or pieces inside the vagina.

It could also be as a result of the condom being too big or too small, causing it to slip off, or it breaks from the pressure of the condom being too tight. If this is the case, of course it would help ensuring your partner uses the correct size condom.

The vagina is actually made up of solid tissue at the back and the sides as well, and is approximately three inches deep, so not to worry about it 'getting lost' inside. In most all cases, the condom can be removed without further complications.

That said however, although usually a condom in your vagina will not cause any problems immediately. Please know that if it is left there for a significant time, this could result in further complications or infections and allergic reactions from the latex. Hopefully, the condom will somehow work its way out sooner rather than later, but this could take more time than anticipated.

As such, since the vagina is not extremely deep, try lying on your back on a bed and with your legs apart, so your partner can insert a clean finger (preferably two; the middle and index fingers) into your vagina and feel around against the vaginal walls and cervix for the condom and slowly and gently pull it out. The last thing you want is further complications from the condom snapping as you pull on it.

You could also try perching one foot up on the toilet and again insert clean fingers. You should then push down, as if you were having a bowel movement. This will lower the cervix as well as the area behind the vagina, making it easier to reach even further inside the vagina for condom.

Hopefully this works, since it will be more comfortable. Also, depending on where you live, perhaps less expensive. However, if you were not lucky retrieving the condom, please be sure to see your doctor or gynecologist right away. He or she will be able to locate and remove the condom right away and avoid any possible complications.

Take No Chances: Cover All Your Bases

That said however, the two most common reasons for wearing condoms are to: Prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). So if in fact the condom came off during sex, and whether it came off before or after ejaculation, you could become pregnant. This is because even before a man ejaculates (cums), his body often produces a seminal fluid-like substance referred to as "pre-cum." This seminal fluid comes direct from the penis before your partner even ejaculates, and also carries sperm.

Although the concentration and amount of sperm in this "Pre-Cum" is less than the normal seminal fluid from ejaculation, many women can and still do get pregnant from this, and also if and when condoms break or slip off.

To this end, if you fall into this category and it has been just several days since this incidence, it would be a good idea to speak to your doctor about your concerns of not wanting to be pregnant, and/or concerns about STIs. He or she will speak with you about your options.

As a precaution, be sure to have a bath or shower as soon as the condom is out. This will help to cleanse the vaginal area very well. Also, under the right conditions, sperm can stay viable (alive) and survive for as many as five days. Therefore, it is important to have a dialogue with your doctor about taking the 'morning after' Contraceptive pill.

Whatever you do, try to stay calm objects and remember that women insert tampons into their vagina all the time. There is really not much to worry about. The condom getting stuck or lost in your vagina forever just will never happen. There is really no place for it to go and get lost where it cannot be found. Therefore, try not to worry. The condom will be found; if not by you, by your doctor. So carry on, stay calm, but as always, take no chances and always play it safe.

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