I've got something that I think is jock itch or something less severe. About a week and a half ago, after leaving work I got home and my crotch was itchy just from being a long day and sweaty and all so I scratched it for a little too long. I then got small red areas on the top and underneath the penis. Under the penis it's red,dry and the skin is cracked and the top is just slightly redish and itchy. I've seen pictures of jock itch on google and Mine doesn't look like that ( red purplish splotches with rings). I'm not sure if I have just an irritation or something else. I've been using an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial cream (alternating) on my penis with baby powder for almost 2 weeks now but it's not clearing up. Then two days ago my right earlobe started to swell and it's really swollen compared to the left ear. It has dry flaky and scaly skin on it. It throbs and the gland/ or lymph node behind the ear on the neck throbs and hurts also. Also on side of my nostril has turned red and has flaky scaly skin as well. Any idea what this is? I wonder if the doctor would prescribe something strong than Canesten or Lanacane that would actually clear up the rash. Thanks