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I am a 21 year old male, haven't been in a relationship previously nor have I been involved in any sexual activities. Around 3 weeks ago, my scrotum suddenly started itching really badly, particularly after bathing.I think I scratched it during sleep, and it started to get slightly painful. I then found yellow stains in my underpants. The light-yellow stains (I have no idea if they are blood or pus) actually crusts and sort of hardens when I wipe them off using a clean tissue.


What is wrong? Is it an infection as a result of scratching? Or is it a kind of skin problem that is causing the stains and itch? The skin around said area sometimes look dry and flaky. The area is around 1 to 2 fingernail size.


Hi Fire,

It may be "jock itch."  It can lead to crusty patches that ooze and bleed.  It's a fungal infection.

Over the counter treatments are available, Lotrimin or similar.

You should see your doctor or a dermatologist for confirmation.  If you do try to treat it OTC, if you don't see an improvement in a few days, see a doctor.



I've seen a doctor and my condition is actually diagnosed as slight eczema.

The symptoms are dry and bumpy skin, itch, and inflammation, affected areas might spread. Small, red blisters might also be present.

Scratching might cause infections and oozing, which crusts. Avoid long, hot baths, and take short, cool baths. Keep the skin moist using moisturisers, and avoid stress, sweating of affected area.

Do not scrub affected area, else it may cause infection, start hurting, and ooze. Avoid strong soap/shampoos, and minimise water contact when bathing.

I've been prescribed Zarin cream (Miconazole Nitrate B.P. 2%) and Hydrocortisone cream(1% KRIM) .

Hope this would help others who had this problem as well.


Excellent, thank you for the update.

It's very difficult to diagnose something over the internet. I'm glad you had the fortitude to see your doctor and get it taken care of.