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I have taken triple antibiotics every athletes foot and jock itch powder creams sprays ect my problem is in my groin it is moist a little red no itch kind of scaly with yellow like discharge smells fruity or like cheese please help this is very embarrassing people avoid me because of it and this is my senior year in highschool any suggestions on what this is also have tried vinager bleach garlic and antiseptic wAsh called hibiclens please help


Hello Myster,

Since you have tried just about everything over the counter and nothing appears to be working, this may call for a doctor's visit.  The doctor can prescribe the appropriate medication for what you have.  Now you might try miconazole and I suggest this because you indicate that you have a yellow discharge and it smells fruity or perhaps you mean sweet.  You're infection may be more a kin to a vaginal yeast infection that females get a lot.  Miconazole is used for jock itch but more so for a vaginal yeast infection.  This is available over the counter but it also comes in prescription form.  Try the over the counter product first and see how that works for you.  Good Luck.