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My scrotum has been red and itching. My testicles have also been retracted and wrinkly (like I've been in cold water). The redness has spread to the base of my penis, and when erect the skin is tight and the head is dry, slightly cracked (it doesn't hurt, it just doesn't look healthy) I thought it was jock itch, but I've read it doesn't actually affect the penis/scrotum. I've been using Lotramin for about 3 days, and while it does relieve the itching I'm worried it's something else. I'm 17. I haven't been having sex so it isn't an STD. I can't go to the doctor for at least a week. Thank you.


The best guess here would be a yeast infection, although you should really see a doctor to be sure. You can clear up a yeast infection using an over the counter antifungal like lotrimin or monistat (used for female yeast infection). To soothe dry, cracked skin, you can try using a penis vitamin  crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to moisturize and smooth the penile tissue – just be sure not to apply it to open sores.