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I just had my hemorrhoid surgery done on Dec 27, 2007 and I had a few questions for those who have gone thru this surgery before. I'll appreciate any feedback.

1. How long after the operation before you were completely OFF painkillers?

2. How long after the operation before weeping (leakage) stopped?

3. How long after the operation before you didn't need sitz baths anymore after BMs?

4. How long after the operation before you started eating meat?

5. How long after the operation before the post op swelling completely went away?


You may want to check out TacomaGuy's responses in "Hemorrhoidectomy Recovery - how long will it take?" as he provides a wealth of information. Here are my answers to your questions. Personally, I found this to be the most gruesome, painful recovery I have experienced and, 6 weeks post-op, I am not back to normal, at least I hope this is not normal. Otherwise, I'm worse off than I was before surgery in terms of hygeine and muscle control.

1-I stopped anti-inflammatory after 3 days and pain pills after 5. I was taking Tylenol regularly. I stopped my rx pills because I was feeling loopy and depressed but if you don't have those side effects, take them - don't be a hero.

2-Weeping stopped somewhere around week 4/5, I think. Still have some hygeine issues though due to skin tags that showed up after surgery.

3-I still like to soak in the tub in the a.m. if I have time as I still feel not pain exactly but discomfort and itching. Regular a.m. soaks stopped around week 4-5.

4-I was on a regular, high-fiber diet by the next day.

5-Skin tags still swell sometimes. Discomfort in jeans stopped after week 2/3. Anal opening may still be swollen but just may be smaller now, I fear. Even as recently as last week (5 1/2 wks post op), I overdid with a family party and felt like the bottom was dropping out.

Good luck!


I am at day 15 post surgery - this is heartbreaking - why did my doctor lie to me? 2 to 10 day recovery my a**