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Has anyone out there who has had a hemorrhoidectomy give me an idea of how long it will take to recover. I had three internal hemorrhoids removed with traditional surgery. It will be 4 weeks for me tomorrow and I still don't feel even close to 100%. My doctor told me I would be healed in two weeks but I have since learned that all surgeons lie about the recovery time needed for this surgery or no one would get it done.

Also, is it normal to still have some bleeding with a BM at this point too?

I need advice please as I am really depressed by my rate of healing so far.


Hi. I had a hemrrhoidectomy done about 2 years ago myself. I noticed that it did take several weeks for me to heal. I also had some blood speckles with a BM. It also takes some time for the sutures to disolve as well. I found that it was uncomfortable for 1-2 months and I could not "slide" across the couch or bed before getting up. If you are bleeding alot or having severe pain, please see your doctor...if your doctor is not being of any help, get a second opinon to be safe! good luck.



Hi. I just had a hemorrhoidectomy last week. This is the single most agonizing procedure I could possibly imagine. I went off pain killers after 36 hours because of the constipating effects and I'm now just taking Tylenol (plus a Xanax to sleep at night), doing lots of sitz baths and weathering the storm. Here's what I've been told: it's 4 to 6 weeks until you feel pretty good. It can be 8 weeks or sometimes even more until you stop bleeding and until there's very little discomfort. Every patient is different, of course, but that seems to be what the averages suggest.

I hope this helps. I'm in a great deal of pain at the moment, plus utterly exhausted from all the pain, and I'm wondering why the hell I ever agreed to go through this!


I just have my surgery done last Thursday and all i feel is like i want to go to the bathroom all the time, cant really seat down well. a lil bt constipated, is awfaul when i have each bm. today i will see my dr and see how my revery is going, also i need to ask him wether i need to ask the dr if is normal the feeling of wanted to go to he bathroom all the time. Is bad very bad and painful surgery. I hope everybody get sbetter soon. :'(


I am having 3 hemorrhoids removed tomorrow and am trying to be brave. I am going to Italy in 9 weeks, so I hope that I can trek around Rome and through the Tuscan countryside. Can anyone tell me any good news???


I had a hemorroidectomy about 3 weeks ago. The first week after the surgery was the most painful time of my life, especially when passing stool. The pain medication that was given to me did very little to ease the pain. After the second week I started to fell better though. I want to say that three weeks after the surgery I feel about 75% recovered. I still feel a little pain while I walk up stairs and I cannot sit for long periods of time. I am getting some moistier in the sugical area but I don't know if this is from healing or a problem so I'm going to ask the doctor this week when I make my second check up appointment.


hi, i was wondering how long after the surgery did it took for you to do the BM? I am trying my best each time i want to go use the bathroom, but i have to strain a little and still nothing. my dr said i will need to do the BM w/ 2-4 days after the surgery. i had bladder problem, was not able to void completely so i went to the ER twice. i was also wondering if u were twitching (buttcheeck squeeze) from your buttcheecks often for the first 2 wks? the pain is so horrible and hurts so bad. please respond back w/ info. thanks..=)


My wife had this procedure done 2 weeks and 2 days ago. Just yesterday, I drove to the doctor's office to get a written prescription for a more powerful pain reliever. She was taking Vicodin, we've now moved up to Percocet. And, she's supplementing that with ibuprofen.

As the "caregiver", I'm convinced this is the most painful surgical recovery I have ever watched.

First of all, I don't think this should be done on an outpatient basis. We were up for about 36 hours straight after surgery trying to ease her pain. We called the hospital back at 1:00 AM, and they gave us some tips on managing the pain and said to bring her back if she couldn't manage. She didn't want to ride in the car, so we made do, but it was awful.

This might be a two week recovery if you just have the rubber band thing, but with internal bleeding 'rhoids, this is one wicked recovery. My wife can't even stand to have someone walk across the floor near her.

Follow your doctor's orders on the BMs. Our doctor had a little formula. If you don't go at all one day, take one Tbs of Metamucil and one Tbs of Milk of Magnesia. If you go 1-2 times, take one Tbs of Metamucil. If you go 3 or more times, don't take anything. It's really important to go. In my wife's case, she went on the fourth day after surgery, but then shut down after another three days and then had tremendous pain and couldn't go for like a week. That was bad. Now, things are moving again and she seems to be feeling a little better.

Her experience with the pain during BMs has not been that significant.

My recommendation to anyone considering this surgery is that you should only have it if you are having some other related medical problem like the bleeding is making you anemic. Or, if the hemorrhoids are really prohibiting you from living a normal life. This is not a decision to take lightly. My wife is really having her regrets right now.

For my wife, I predict this will be a 6-8 week recovery. So far, the pain level hasn't changed much since about 48 hours after surgery. That really wears on a person. May I say it's hard to watch, too.

I'm sleeping in my son's room (he's away at college) because my wife can't stand any movement around her. It probably doesn't help that I'm the size of an NFL player and she's the size of an NFL cheerleader.

I'm sure we will look back on this in a year or so and be glad that she doesn't have the bleeding and pain of severe hemorrhoids that she has put up with since our kids were born. However, right now the cure seems worse than the disease.


I am 4 1/2 weeks post surgery and just getting back to normal--working out and feeling really well. I am still somewhat tender on my bottom. The recovery took much longer than I had anticipated. My whole body was trying to recover. My digestive system was out of whack. Bowel movements were an ordeal. At the 3 week mark, I was much, much better. The 4 week mark was another leap toward wellness. My doctor said it would take 6 weeks for me to really appreciate the surgery. I guess it is like having a baby. At the 6 week check-up, you are glad you did it. Whew. It was really an ordeal that no one can truly understand unless you have been through it.

I am wondering--has anyone had trouble with the "tags" that are left?


To Hufhouse: I trust that your wife is coming along by now. I can sympathize. I decided not to take any pain meds--Percocet and Lortab because they contain codeine which is constipating. Your rectum is in spasm post-surgery and you feel the urge to go constantly. I was on the sitz bath about 30 times in the beginning combined with about 20 baths a day. I could find no relief except with warm water. Then, I added 3 Aleve (not Advil--no help) plus 5%Lidocaine (by prescription) to help numb the area. I toughed it out because I did not want to be constipated. I only ate high fiber foods--pears, legumes (beans, lentils), apples, oatmeal, salads etc. Lots of water, stool softeners (without laxatives) and 2 fiber drinks per day. At 4 1/2 weeks post-surgery, I am still having bowel movements on a sitz-bath. I am hoping to wean myself of that very soon since I am going out of town and cannot fit the sitz-bath in my overnight bag. Keep your chin up. While in bed recovering, I saw soldiers blown up then in surgery in Baghdad. They had shrapnel in their spleens, livers, intestines etc. When I saw that, I said that I had NO problems to complain about. I knew I would recover and eventually be out of pain. They will never be out of pain. The light is at the end of the tunnel for you both.



Thanks for the post.

I cannot believe you went without the pain meds. There's no way my wife could have done that. Our doctor said that the Percocet was pretty constipating, but the she shouldn't have a problem with the Vicodin. We really haven't noticed a problem.

We are at four weeks yesterday.

The improvement is definitely two steps forward, one step back. She goes from feeling almost 100% better to "get me my Vicodin" in a matter of minutes.

I'm interested in the fact that Aleve worked better for you. Aleve is a miracle drug when I hurt due to some kind of inflammation, and I thought it might be better for her. A resident told us to stick with ibuprofen, though. Maybe we should try the Aleve thing once.

She said this morning, "I don't know what I would ever tell people who are thinking of having this surgery. I still don't know if this was worth it."

I reminded her of all the reasons we decided to go through with it, and she agreed. I said that she should tell people to only go through with it if it is causing another medical problem (such as anemia) or if it is really affecting your quality of life.

I like your analogy about childbirth. That's probably right on. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure my wife would value our kids higher than not having hemmorhoid problems! XD

Anyway, there is no doubt about this being a 6-8 week recovery. I don't know how some people who have posted on this thread say they went back to work in two weeks.


I was back to work on day 10 but went home after 3 hours. Day 11 I lasted 5 hours. I, too, was shocked that each day was not a leap forward. I kept waiting, but would tell my husband that it was another bad or so-so day.

The one thing that really helped me was Reiki. My sister told me to try it and I was so skeptical and suspicious as the Reiki master was breathing and waving her hands in the air like hocus-pocus. It was day 8 and I could barely get out of bed, so she brought a massage table and did it here at my house. The next day, I got up, came downstairs, which I had not done, cleaned the kitchen, cooked, did laundry and felt grand. The next day, I was limping around again. I thought I had turned the corner, but no. I still did not believe it was Reiki that made me feel better, so I had another session on day 11. I was able to drive there but could barely stand to lie on the table for 55 minutes. Again, each passing hour made me feel stronger and better. Day 12 was terrrific. Then downhill again.

I had 3 veins operated on. There are only 3 veins in that area, so mine were the worst and the max. I knew it would be a horrendous, painful recovery, but all my friends said that they would do it again. So, I hung in there. This is day 34 and there is no pain, but there is still discomfort.
My doctor said that I would not be happy until the 6 week check up. At my 3 week check up, she said that I was miserably swollen and "clamped up".

Life is resuming back to normal. I have rejoined the marital bed, cautiously, but successfully. If only I could lose the dumb warm sitz-bath.
Now I know what it is like when a pacifier is taken away.

Time to have my fiber drink. I have so much in common now with the nursing home set.


I will be in my 3rd week of recovery and it has been very painful for me. I got a pamphlet from my doctor stating that full recovery after a hemorroidectomy is 8 weeks. I see the doctor next week to determine if I will be going back to work or not. I have a lot of problems sitting for more than an hour, and I am not driving the car still. I feel very tired and weak after doing a little walking, or shopping, I sleep a lot. The only good thing about the surgery is that I have lost around 8 pounds, but I am sure that won't last. Good luck with your recovery.


I am 4 weeks post surgery and I am still pretty uncomfortable. I have been back to the gym but not sure what I can and cannot do. The doctor has given me NO guidlines. What are you doing?

Also, any food tips. My digestive system is still out of whack. I can't seem to get the right food combinations to get "soft" but not too soft stools.

I am getting frustrated because my doctor told me 2 weeks. I don't really know what to do to feel better. Any more advice would be great.

I have "tags" - they are very sensitive. I keep the Balneol lotion handy to help with the burning. The doctor said I can also use Lidocain.

Am I ever going to be happy that I did this?


I had my hemorrhoidectomy on 2/13/07. Had all 3 external/internal veins removed, plus a little one that the surgeon saw developing. The first 5 days were definitely the hardest part of it all. I never experienced that type of pain before. The first night I had to be taken to the ER because I could not urinate. I also did not have a BM until day 5, which was definitely worse than childbirth.
The start of the second week was definitely better for me. I got off the pain meds after my first BM, and just went with regular Tylenol. The Vicodin was making me feel really sick, so I decided to just make do with the pain. I returned to work yesterday, which was my two week mark. I sit all day, but with my handy doughnut pillow, I was pretty comfortable. Don't get me wrong, the area is still pretty tender to the touch and still swells here and there, but the pain has definitely decreased. I saw the surgeon on 2/26 and he said all was healing well.
I still have some bleeding during BM's, but it the pain definitely decreases with each one. The key is to have the soft bulky stool. I take two stool softeners (morning and night), and drink metamucil 3 times a day. So far, this has been the best recipe for me. I've also cut back on foods that cause constipation and eat foods high in fiber.
I definitely feel very fortunate to have the progress that I have. For the two weeks that I was off work, I pretty much laid on my side the whole time to avoid putting pressure down there. I don't know if that's what has helped me heal faster than normal. I also still do my sitz bath about 3-4 times a day.
Looking forward to the day when all my external scars heal up and I can finally slide around the sofa and bed.