Late period first month of birth control. Is this normal? I’m worried that I’m pregnant. 

Hello! So I just recently finished my first pack of birth  control and have started the second pack. The problem is I never had any withdrawal bleeding during my placebos. My boyfriend and I always use condoms and haven’t had any rips or leakage or anything (to our knowledge, we always check) we had unprotected sex for a few seconds the 20th day of my pill, he definitely didn’t ejaculate inside of me. And then a few days later we had sex with a condom. I’m extremely paranoid that I am pregnant and have worked myself into a constant state of stress. I got 2 negative pregnancy tests 4-5 days after my missed period but I’m still nervous. The only real “symptom I’m having is sore breasts. Should I be worried? I’d love feedback/thoughts/opinions. (: