Hello I've been using birth control for almost 2 and a half years. Primarily to reduce my heavy period. I've recently become serious with my boyfriend and we've been having intercourse. I start my period on the last day of the placebos in my pack. That day we had sex, since i was on my period we didn't use another form of birth control because we know the chances are low. However, the next day when i went to pick my prescription up my doctor messed up my presciption. IN OTHER WORDS i didn't get my medicine for 5 more days. My period lasted longer than usual because i'm assuming the missed pills affected the flow. My period finally stopped the day before I got my pills once again. That was 2 weeks ago. This week I've been having bloating and diahria. I've also been a little emotional. Do you think these are symptoms of messing up my cycle or could i be pregnant :-(