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Hello. I have been on birth control for almost a year now. I began my placebo week on sun, feb 28, and began bleeding on tues, march 1. I began taking the active pills again on the sun the 6th, but had unprotected sex on thurs the 10th. My boyfriend pulled out long before he came, but he thinks there's the possibility that he leaked while inside me. I have continued to take the pills as normal, but I am concerned that I am at a high risk of be becoming pregnant because this was during the first week of starting a new pack. What do you think my chances of being pregnant are?
Thank you very much


Hi guest,

You didn't miss any pills during the transition to the new pack did you?

The placebos really are just reminder pills. If you've taken the active pill as directed, the odds are extremely low that you'll get pregnant.

I don't think you have to worry.