Hey so I'll try to make this a short as possible.

I had sex about a month ago, while on birth control pills (a week into the pack - I've been on it for a year and a half). I started having brown discharge either the day or two days after intercourse. A week before my expected period, I had cramping and dark brown spotting that eventually became red. I thought my period had come a week early. It went away the next day so, of course, I was confused. My period came a day before I was expecting and lasted ~4-5 days. It was a little heavier than usual but ended a little early. I'm concerned about pregnancy because of the spotting the week before. I took a test a week after my period and it was negative (but it was the middle of the day and my urine was little diluted). I've had some constipation, nausea, and indigestion. I had some very, very faint brown discharge a couple of days ago (3 and a half weeks after questioned intercourse). Other common symptoms, such a breast tenderness and tiredness, haven't been present. I'm just really anxious about this whole thing and it could be making me nauseous honestly. I took my pills perfectly (always within an hour or two or when I'm supposed to) and he pulled out before ejaculation.


Any opinions/advice here?

Maybe I'm just over worrying.

Also, I know having a "period" is a clear indicator of not pregnant but I've read a lot about being pregnant and still having withdrawal bleeding from the drop in hormones.


Thank you so much in advance