During the June 27 summer reading program at the Person County Public Library in Canton, Ohio, many children received bendable dog and cat toys that have been found to have contained lead and health experts advise parents to return the toys.

Although adverse reactions from lead appear only after prolonged exposure, all parents are advised to visit their children’s doctors if their children received the toys and if they develop any unusual symptoms.
All lead testing will be free according to The Person County Health Department and the first test includes a finger-stick.
Person County Library Director Linda Howerton says they regret very much that the incident occurred and that they are prepared to do anything to protect the children, so they urge every one of them as well as their parents to return the toys they received, so that the toys could be safely disposed.

The same toys were given away in Indiana, North Carolina and other states during the June and July summer reading programs, so the warning came from Indiana officials.
The toys were found to contain 0.4 and 0.24% lead and the maximum safety limit is currently 0.06 percent.
The health officials fear that they children could have put the toys in their mouths and chew on them since they are only three and three-quarter inches long and similar to a lollipop.
Authorities blame the incident on the foreign manufacturers that supposedly don’t have stringent lead controls and that they couldn’t even know that there were unsafe levels of lead in toys.