The story tells how things can go wrong on a first day of work of a baby-sitter. It went wrong so bad that police needed to be involved and some people shaken to the bone when their child was found missing and another one kept waiting for hours to be picked.

Well, I guess this happens when a baby-sitter has never seen or been introduced to a child she was supposed to pick up. Is the poor girl to blame or the irresponsible parents?

A 5-year-old boy named Angel Guerrero was picked by mistake by a baby-sitter woman on her first day of work. When the child’s grandmother came to pick him up from his elementary school, she was shocked to learn that the boy was already taken. The police was called and they issued a missing child alert, and broadcasted his name and picture on several TV stations.

A mix-up was not revealed until the baby-sitter’s employers came home and realized that the child they had at their home was not theirs.

The question is how come little Angel willingly left with a stranger, and didn’t say anything or asked for his parents for so long. Is this another parental mistake or are some facts missing from the story?

This is an alarm for both parents and school officials. For parents to learn their children about not talking or going away with strangers and school officials to take better care of the children they were given for care.