Both military and civilian authorities have charged a 25 year old HIV-positive soldier with assault with a deadly weapon and accused him of having unprotected sex with a partner he didn't tell about his infection.

The solder was arrested last week and is being held in a jail on a $50,000 bond. He, as an inmate is not allowed to give any interviews but we found out that he hadn’t been yet appointed an attorney.

Besides the assault count, the soldier will face civilian charges of committing a crime against nature and misdemeanor assault inflicting serious injury. The same charges are waiting for him in the military's criminal justice system.

The county officials accused the soldier of engaging in sexual encounters with an 18-year-old civilian, without telling him about his HIV infection. The 18 year old boy fell ill and his mother acknowledged the authorities about the relationship of her son and the soldier. The boy was tested HIV positive but it can’t be said with certainty whether the soldier was the source of the teen's infection.

When his commander in November found out about the infection, the soldier was ordered not to have unprotected sex. Also, state law prohibits a HIV infected person from having sex unless condoms are used and requires that sexual partners are notified.

Army prosecutors will not focus on the soldier's sexual orientation because the military allows gays and lesbians to serve if they keep their sexual orientation private and do not engage in homosexual acts. Commanders are not allowed to ask about a person's sex life and those who openly acknowledge they are gay will be discharged.

The military has to depend on the honor and integrity of their service members regarding their off duty behaviors.