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As the popularity of fruit smoothies is growing, so is the risk of tooth decay. Nutritionists claim that the fruit drinks could be twice as healthy as previously thought but the dentists warn that beneficial health effects of smoothies could be far outweighed by damage the drinks cause to teeth. The risk lies in the high levels of sugar in the drinks that could potentially lead to teeth damage if proper dental hygiene is not practiced.

Fruit smoothies represent a good way to get people to consume more fruit, however high concentration of sugar as well as acids could do real damage to the teeth if sipped throughout the day.

Every time we sip on a fruit smoothie, our teeth get exposed to the acid attack for up to an hour and constantly sipping on these drinks could cause the protective enamel to erode further leading pain and sensitivity and decay in the end.

Dentists advise to brush teeth before drinking fruit juice to avoid the damaging effects of the acid. Brushing immediately after drinking juice could additionally lead to damage as the tooth enamel may be weakened by the acid content.

Many people think that fruit smoothies are actually good for the teeth.
A survey found that many people engage in quite a shocking dental hygiene habits.

They use items such as hammers, screwdrivers, scissors and lollipop sticks to pick food from between their teeth. Such behaviour can lead to cuts and infection. They also open bottles with their teeth and floss while driving risking not just their mouth health but overall health too.

Gum health has been linked to a range of conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.


I think this is more scare mongering stuff. Of course smoothies contain acid, they are mad from fruit, nothing wrong with just having a drink of water afterwards to wash your mouth out or simply using a bit of mouthwash if you care that much.


. I was hoping a health alert would tell us exactly what it's calling a fruit smoothie;
are we adding high-fructose corn syrup,
or hydrogenated veg' oil?
. are we using high fructose fruits like oranges?
would we still have bad teeth vitamixing something more in the zone,
like virgin coconut oil, avacado's, olive oil, rosemary, and tomatoes, or blueberries or strawberries ?
. converse to the link they found,
things good for diabetes are also good for teeth .