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Hi I’m 43 male during my younger days when ejaculating the sperm would come out with some force often covering up to 1meter (aprox. never actually measured) now during intercourse I am surprised that the sperm does not squirt it just runs.

I still experience orgasm the same but as my new partner and I are trying for children, this may cause conception issues


Yes, you are right. Although many men can father in the age of 60, it is certain that older men may experience age-related subfertility.
After the age of 25, the production of testosterone starts to fall and this may result in decreased number of mature sperm cells, decreased motility, strength and potency.

So, first there is a lack of mature sperm that could fertilize the egg. Then, those immature eggs cannot travel very far to reach the egg and penetrate it. This happens when a man experiences problems with ejaculation squirt, meaning that the sperm may not go as far as it is supposed to because both its motility and strength have been reduced.

Another thing that we could take into consideration is possible cell mutations. Cell mutations could occur in older men and be passed onto the fetus. This poses a risk for an error in the genetic material of the new sperm.

Now, if you have been trying to get your wife pregnant for over a year without any success, you may decide to see a doctor and run complete sperm analysis. This may be all you will need from a doc. These analyses can tell the number of sperm cells you are producing, their maturity, motility as well as if any genetic mutations occurred. Good luck!