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We were in a normal jokes and discusion with my friends about the regular doing sex and the rest.
A question arised! If someone is regularly doing sex since the age of 17, its possible by the age of 35 will not have no sperms anymore. is it true?
Onother question was that, one man had an ability to have ejaculation for five times a night five years ago, but now only one rear two by the night my be the decrease of sperms.
Please enlight me in this missunderstanding to serve my sperms to marriage.


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Nope, you cannot run out of sperm. Your sperm will be produced until you get into unfertile age (after 60's). Of course, there're some disorders or diseases which could afffect your sperm production, but in general if you're a healthy person you'll be able to produce sperm, even if you as a teenager masturbated more then usual ;) The sperm production decrease with your age.

Let me explain how does it work.


Testes produce the sperm that are expelled during ejaculation (male orgasm). During vaginal intercourse this fluid, know as semen, is the vehicle by which sperm is delivered in an effort to fertilize a women's ovum.

As you already know, the testes (two testicles) are located within the scrotal sac, an external pouch of skin found below the man's penis. In addition to sperm, the testes produce testosterone, a male hormone that is largely responsible for defining and maintaining "male" characteristics. Once produced, sperm pass from the testes through to the epididymis in order to mature.

Once mature, the sperm move to the vas deferens a tube-like structure that connects the epididymis to the seminal vesicles, a "staging area" where they are stored. When a man ejaculates x thousands of sperm from the seminal vesicles combine with a thick nutrient laden fluid from the prostate gland to create semen.

The pituitary hormones are responsible for mediating the sperm production process. The hormones that control production of sperm are the gonadotropins (FSH and LH):

These hormones are released by the pituitary gland in the brain. The gonadotropins stimulate the production of both sperm and testosterone in the testicles. The testicles typically produce over 50,000 new sperm every minute of every day beginning at puberty until the man is seventy years old or older. Following ejaculation, the sperm reserves are quickly replenished to stabilized levels. Frequent ejaculations can deplete reserves, however forty-eight hour abstinence periods are typically sufficient to restore sperm reserves.

Sperm are produced by the testes and mature in the epididymis. The epididymis is an oval shaped structure within the scrotal sac that stores and nourishes the sperm to maturity. Upon ejaculation, glandular secretions are added which nourish, sustain, and transport the sperm. This resulting mixture consists of 2% sperm and 98% fluid, and is called semen.



thanks pseudonim, i solved the problem. apart from that I gained knowledge to my life since I am not a doctor.
I am an Ecologist.