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What exactly is PSA? How is it used in testing for Prostitis? And what do the number relate to as far as the test results are concerned. Mine last test went from a 4.? to a 1.? what does that mean?




PSA is a proteine manufactured exclusively by the prostate gland and is produced for the ejaculate where it liquifies the semen and allows sperm cells to swim freely. Elevated levels of PSA in blood serum are associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer. PSA testing may be performed when a man has symptoms suggestive of prostate cancer such as difficult, painful, and frequent urination.
The PSA test is now widely recognized as a primamry screening tool for prostate cancer. The American Cancer Society currently recommends annual testing after the age of 50. The normal range is 0-4ng/ml. The normal values vary with age. Older man have slightly higher PSA measurments than younger man. PSA of 4ng/ml is abnormally high for most men and may indicate the need for the biopsy. High levels of PSA does not indicate the presence of prostate cancer .
So, as your values varied from1 to 4, what did your doctor say about that?
Hope you are doing fine.