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I know this story will sound dumb, but I'm still worried.

I've never had 'sex-sex' (aka, no penis), however, my boyfriend (now ex) has fingered me on a few occasions.  Sometimes before, he would have pre-cum and sometimes semen on his hands that he always wiped off on a towel.  In hind sight, I'm not 100% positive he didn't have any semen on his fingers. 

The times this happened where mid-October, early November, and early-December.

After the early-December incident, I decided I wasn't thrilled with the hygiene of the fingering and took Plan B abt 18 hours after the incident.  About a week after I took it, I had 3 days of heavy-heavy bleeding, along with my regularly scheduled period that happened about 2 weeks after that.

I've continually had my period--it's heavy and comes regularly.  In the meantime, I've lost a few pounds, and my stomach is flat.  So, basically, normal, yes?

However, as of lately, I've had a drastic (I'm talking every 30 minutes) need to urinate.  Also, I feel like light pressure on my stomach--not painful, just that I can feel it.  And lastly, not to brag (really, I'm an A cup at 19, so I don't have much haha) but my breasts seem... fuller?  A month ago, I had strange, non itchy rashes that have thankfully vanished.

Scariest of all, my first period after the October instance came about a week late; however, it did come, after I drank tons and tons of parsley tea and gorged on vitamin C.

I've taken at-home pregnancy tests in late October, mid-November,  late November, and late December (I had ceased sexual activities for almost a month), and they're all negative.  My cycle's about every 23 days, 7 days of oh-so-heavy bleeding.

Maybe I'm paranoid, but I'd like other opinions.  I'm in university and I CANNOT. have a kid.  I'm embarrassed to see a doctor (I'm out of state, and don't know where to go).  I'm rather irrationally scared and don't know what to do.  Maybe I should take a blood test?  Would that help?  Or do I need an ultrasound?  Where do you even get those??? What do you think?


Firstly i dont think your pregnant if your still having regular periods it could just be psychological symptoms your experiencing because you think you night be.
Try another pregnancy test and if that's still negative you really need to see a doctor and explain your situation hun.