I'm sexually active, and my boyfriend and I have unprotected sex. He doesn't come in me. however, I do know that we're not nearly as careful as we should be. My period has been somewhat irregular my whole life, up until this past summer. In october and november I got my period on the 23rd (it's was around the late twenties of every month for a few months before that), and I had no period in december. On January 3rd I started lightly spotting and today I noticed that I now have thicker brown discharge. I have to pee a lot and I have noticed that I've been extremely tired. I have noticed very slight nausea and I've been having to go to the bathroom quite frequently (not throwing up, but the other end), several times a day. I've also noticed fluttering inside my stomach, but I'm thinking it might just be my nerves. I have no idea!

I had a pregnancy scare once before, and I can't help but feel that I'm now being paranoid about all of these symptoms! Does that make any sense? I'm getting worried. Any help or advice would be SO appreciated! Thanks :-D