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Hi, my girlfriend and i have been together for 11 months now. On our first unprotected intercourse on July 2010, she had her normal regular period on the 4th for August and September 2010 and she's never encounter late or missed period in her life.

On September 2010 after her period, we had another unprotected intercourse and she had late period for October which is on the 11th and lasted 3days and we had another unprotected intercourse at the end of October and her period is on the 11th of November but it was only spots for 2days.

We continue to have both protected/unprotected intercourse for late November and on December 2010, She missed her period for December and have to travel back to her country and she tried to take PT on mid January 2011 but result came out negative and she had her period on 24th January which lasted for 4days and she told me it was heavy flow.

On early February 2011 I flew off to her place for vacation and we've been travelling around and we had protected intercourse for 10 days in a row and now it's already 6th March 2011 and till now her period still havent come.

Can period becomes irregular? her period used to be regular and always on the date and never missed.. and as u can see, her period cycles keep changing and even missed period on December 2010.. she had taken PT few days ago but it's negative... is there something wrong? her period cycle is becoming confusing.. she have no clue too..


Periods can change, sometimes stressing can hold it off a few days, mine has always been irregular, sometimes a hormone imbalance maybe to blame or she may not ovulate from time to time, Liz