On the 26th day of my cycle I got my period on september 12th and it went away on the 16th.

After that, on the 31st day of my cycle, I got my period on october 12th and it went away on the 15th.

Then I got my period on the 26th day of my cycle.....but it was very strange. I had very watery, slightly brown discharge for 2 days (starting on the 4th). Then on the 6th (at 1am....so maybe the 7th?) I bled a slightly red-ish, light flow for only a day and a half. It was gone on the 8th.

I took a HPT on the 22nd because I noticed cramp-like pains in my lower back and lower abdomen on the right side. Sadly, it was a BFN. I'm still feeling pain in my back....so maybe I need a new mattress lol.

Does anyone know when I would have ovulated during these times?


Its hard for me to take my BBT every morning cause I dont wake up at the same time every day. However, I took it this morning (CD19, counting from november 7th) and it was 98.60. The last time I took it was CD16 and it was at 96.72. But the time I took it was 2hrs earlier than today's temp.

Does it sound like I could be pregnant? I just want to know with my wacky brown-watery discharge and one-day period, if that was maybe implantation bleeding?Also, I didnt notice any EWCM this month after my "period" went away.

Normally I'll get brown discharge before my period, but not as watery and its a lot darker.....and I sure as hell dont bleed for a day and a half.

Some pages say that with a 26 day cycle, you'll ovulate on day 12.....which would have been october 23rd, 2 days after I had sex.

Some pages say with a 31 day cycle, you'll ovulate on day 20.....which would have been october 31st, a day before I had sex.

However, if I count back 14 days from november 7th, I land on october 24th....3 days after sex.

Am I even counting right???

I know this seems really confusing, and trust me, no one is more confused than me. I've been to my doctor and had bloodwork done and he says everything is normal. I havent been to the GYN yet cause I was just there a few months ago and its kinda far away.

Can anyone please help me??


This is all very confusing to me. I wish we had a pop-up timer or something to let us know FOR SURE when we're ovulating and/or pregnant lol

Also, how can I chart my BBT if I dont wake up at the same time every morning? Is there another way or detecting ovulation without doing the BBT, but just as effective?

3 days ago my BBT was 96.72
This morning it was 98.60

I know the spike means I ovulated, but if I count backwards 14 days from my next "expected" period (december 2nd).....then I should have ovulated on the 18th.

However, I have a 26 day cycle and I've read that you're more likely to ovulate on CD12.

Sooooo, if I count back 14 days from december 2nd....that lands me on november 20th, but today is the 26th!!

That being said, whats with the temp spike today?! What is a typical temp DURING and AFTER ovulation? When would you see a temp spike after ovulation?

I'm so confused!!!
Please help!

Also, if the temp spike means that you already ovulated....how soon after ovulation will you see the spike? My temp is 98.60 today, 3 days ago it was 96.72