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My boyfriend & I slept together for the first time two weeks ago & used condoms. I also made sure that it was at a time in my menstrual cycle where I shouldn't be able to get pregnant anyway.

However, I am concerned that comdoms alone are not protection enough as my doctor has said that, even if the are used properly, they still have a 1 in 30 failure rate!!

I am therefore considering going on to the mini pill as well as using condoms. I would take the normal combined pill but my mom had breast cancer some years ago and I don't want to increase my risk.

Can anyone please give me some advice about the side effect of the mini pill and if it works effectively?



By mini pills-do you mean regular birth control pills or the morning after pills?

P.S. Condoms are good enough but they don't protect from all the STD's-nothing does from certain STD's and there is a risk of condom breaking or improper usage.


I meant the progestogen-only pill.

Have been told that it has less side effects than the combined pill and doesn't increase the risk of breast cancer.

However, for what I have reed, it seems to be less effective & can stop your periods.

Is anyone here on the progestogen-only pill? If so, does it work ok for you?