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I have been on the Pill (LoEstrin FE) for about 7 months and have had no problems with it. My period is very regular and predictible. Never Early, never late. I always start my period on tue or wed (usually Tue or first thing Wed am). It was due this month on 24 Nov. well on Sunday 21 Nov I saw that I was bleeding so I thought my period came way early, but it stopped. It was just that one time when I went to the bathroom. Mon and tue (Nov 22 & 23) when I went to the bathroom a few times each day, there was light pink on the toliet paper but that's it. After that, no period, no pink on T.P.
I often miss a few pills a month by mistake but still never have a problem. However, this month I missed 6 total, 2 each week.

If this was considered my period, I didn't miss any pills in a row, so I don't know how my body would think I was done with the pills for a month, starting a period.

My first thought was pregnancy but I have no idea when I wouldve been ovulating (my period in October was the 26th to the 28th). So I took an at home test ('Answer' brand) on the morning of Friday 26 Nov and it was negative.

I am under no unusual amount of stress either.

So now that I've ruled out some things, any other Ideas why this could be? Is this actually a missed period?

Any opinions are appreciated, Thank you!


Loestrin FE is marketed as a pill for short and light periods, but I don’t think that they are talking about what you described. This definitely sounds more like missed than light period. It sounds more like breakthrough bleeding or something like that and that is considered to be a common side effect of Loestrin Fe. I think that it most likely has something to do with the missed pills – were you just late for all six, or you missed them completely? There is a difference between this two because pills are hormones and depending on how much pill you take or miss you get different effect.