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I am currently on Yasmin birth control and have been for the past 7 months. In the 3rd week of my pills, I became ill with a severe lung infection and bronchitis. I am on several different antibiotics.

I also did miss 2 days of my pill when I first got sick. I "caught up" and had not had sex while I was sick but five days later, after feeling better, I did have sex with my husband and have a couple times in the past week (week 4).

I usually get my period the Wednesday during my placebo pills. Last month I didn't get it until Thursday night. However, I am concerned because I should have gotten my period this week on Wed. or Thursday and here is is, Friday night and still no period.

I took a home pregnancy test and it came up Neg.

Could missing those two pills or antibiotics make me more susceptible to pregnancy? Could the fact that since I am on such a low dosage of estrogen be causing me to skip a period?


I understand your concern and it would not because you have missed the 2 days of the pill, the anti biotics do play some role when it comes to your period. I only say this from personal experience. Good luck with everything