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I have admittedly been an irresponsible pill user (LoEstrin 24), and missed 3 pills in the middle of my pack. I followed the instructions given in the pamphlet. My menstrual cycle has been kind of screwy with this pill, so I'm not sure what to think! My last "real" period was approximately 5 weeks ago, but in the middle of those 5 weeks I had sort of a "mini" period (about 3 days of bleeding, comparable to the flow of a normal menstrual cycle). Approximately a week and a half after that, I found about a tablespoon of dark brown blood in my underwear, and a little bit of light pink blood after urinating, but that was it. I was afraid that this could be implantation bleeding. A few days after this, I took a home pregnancy test and it was negative. I retested every few days. In total, I have taken 4 pregnancy tests, the last one being 4 days ago, and they have all been negative. I have had some pregnancy symptoms (i.e., bloating, lower back pain, semi-frequent headaches, increased white discharge, etc. ). I have been pregnant in the past, and when I tested I used the same brand of hpt and there were immediate positive results. I have not been sick, and the only stress I have been suffering has been due to these symptoms and my missing period! Could these symptoms be caused by missing my pill? Any (non-judgemental) advice about what is going on with my body would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thank you in advance!


As far as I'm aware, but the test you used may say different, tests are considered effective from approx the first day of missed period, which - based on your mini period, less than three weeks ago - means you may simply not be close enough for the tests to be effective. Bear in mind they work not on detecting a baby, but on detecting hormone changes in the body, to help prepare for nurturing the baby, so they take time to build up.

Unless your pack says different, it seems to me the only test that may have had a reasonable chance of accuracy is the last one, and in any case, there is no information to suggest that there is anything here that is out of the normal: your body is designed to handle this, and whatever you may think or be concerned about, it's just going to take a little time.

You've passed two safety barriers - condom and plan B - and really now it's waiting to see if you're going to need to consider the last (termination). It's going to be a while, and you will then have many weeks to address the issue, so for now, try turning the spinning wheels in your head to action planning, and what if - so far, nature's on a roll. If you don't want it to roll all the way to nine months, you might as well get started on some research and planning now.

Once a week from here on out, till you get a positive or a period, you can keep testing (hell, test every day if you feel like it, but will it really help). If you're concerned, go check it out, but nature designed you for this: you're smart, coherent, adult (we might hope).