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When I was a small kid about 11, I was very scrawny. When Igot older I got fatter and more depressed. When I came to college I was weighing 71 kilo grams. for someone at the age of 18. I then Made a deal with myself to eat less, becuase I was living in a far away place and not my original home I lost 10 kilo grams, and weighed about 60 kilos. I was very happy with myself and people started noticing I was beautiful. It was nice for a change. But eventaully when the time came for me to start eating right again, I gained 15 kilos and I'm 1,66 meters and Now I feel all ugly again becuase people call me fat. So I'm going on a deit again, bought myself a milkshake protein shake, and then also going to eat three small meals a day. While excersizing .... Mostly greens and chicken. So I hope this time I don't have to eat spagetti again becuase I went on that deit before and lost the 10 kilos. Becuase of my hormones I gained the weight again and just have to lose the weight and quick too... From a thin stick to a fat pig... oink oink


I'm 18, 1,66 meters and I weight 75 kilos, 5''45 feet.

You have a Body Mass Index of


According to BMI Classifications, you are


The ideal weight range for your height is:

51Kg to 69Kg