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I'm a 18 year old female, 167cm tall, and weighed 86kg. My doctor gave me Duromine 40 mg and after only 4 days i lost over 5 kg. I did every little exercise, only performed regular daily activities. The first day i felt very awake and sort of spaced out and shaky, I had practically no sleep that night. The second day i felt great like i had slept well even though I hadn't at all, later that night i became exhausted. By the third day I adjusted a little better and I was able to sleep properly and control my awareness. I had no appetite at all for any types of foods, I didn't even feel thirsty and forgot to eat or drink anything for almost a full day, I recommend asking someone close to you to remind you to do these things or set a reminder on your phone because without any sort of cravings its hard to remind yourself.

I had a major problem with constipation with some cramping of the abdomen. I suggest senna tea, it relieved 4 days of constipation with just one cup of tea! It took effect within an hour and is also said to help assist in weight loss as it completely flushes out your colin and helps with difficulty digesting food. (It can have a strong laxative effect)

I experienced a lot of changes in mood, I found that i was more relaxed mentally and only had the occasional mood swing which usually occurred in the evenings as i was "coming down". I also noticed that by cutting out almost all my sodium intake and drinking plenty of water was the most effective way to lose weight quickly in the beginning. After woods a balanced diet with lots of protein and fiber with just a little exercise is a promising way to help your body to continue to lose weight.

I noticed a huge difference in my appearance after the first 4 days, my waist, legs, bottom, stomach and upper arms became significantly smaller. I am used to having a very bloated belly to the point where most days i look pregnant. this was completely gone in the first two days where i lost 3 kg. I feel more confident and more motivated to maintain my body and health.

I must stress that using duromine (especially the 40mg) for long periods of time IS NOT a wise decision, I personally haven't become addicted but I know people who have. I has more or less the same effect as taking speed. It feels devastating on the body for the first few days but it does get easier, but should not be taken as a means of fun! its a serious medication and I only recommend it for people who have little success losing weight independently (as i did).

I'd love to hear other peoples success stories or answer any questions people may have. good luck to all those who are struggling with the weight.



Hi I am currently using Duromine 30mg but not experiencing alot of weight loss. What exactly did you do to lose the weight so fast in the 1st few days? What foods / how much did you eat? I am following a low calorie diet with gym 3 times a week but not seeing results very quickly. It would be great if you could give me some advice.


I have been on duromine since the 3rd of September, so this is my 11th day and I am down 5.8kg. I am thrilled. I have had absolutely no side effects other than the dry mouth, which is actually great because it ensures I drink a lot of water. The first 2 days I battled to sleep otherwise so far so good.

I have a LOT to lose though ... 35kg (now 30 :-D ) so I hope to lose at least half in the first 3 months on duromine. My doc said he will give me a repeat script depending on my bp etc but that I have to go off them for a month first.


Haya im starting to take duromine 15 tomorrow. Im 5'7 and 102kg :cry: im so over this i have not been over wright my hole life just after i had my child witch was 3 yrs ago, iv tryed lots of things to loos the weight, qym,heathy eating, not eating,ended up with suicide thoughts ect. nothing worked so i hope this works my mums got diabetes an i know its hereditary i dont want to get that. im so worried. im sick of feeling so c**p nothing fits i dont go any where anymore because im to ashamed of my self. i want to get out there play with my child and be like other mums. i feel that i embarrass my bf for 7 yrs but he tell me he doesnt he loves me the way i am but i dont love my self! i got to love my self be4 i can love othere, well that what some1 once told me. i hope it workes the next thing to try would be liposuction or something like that and i dont want to bring my self to do that


I'm not really overweight as I'm size 34 but struggling to maintain. I once heard a "diet-addict" friend of mine mention how badly she wanted to get her hands on Duromine but couldn't as it required prescription. I told my doctor last Friday that I'd like to lose just a little bit of weight & recommended a fat-burning injection to me as well as the use of Duromine.

He gave me the injection last week Sat which I'll have again for the next 3 weeks every Saturday.

I only started Duromine 15mg yesterday. I jotted down every side effect I felt: dry mouth, light headedness, shakiness, palpitations, faster breaths, nausea, bloatedness & very energetic. I only ate 2 VERY small meals ALL day & didn't crave anything.
I couldn't sleep last night as I'd taken the tablet @ 9am just after purchasing it. Today I made sure to take the pill @ 6am coz I'm awake by then. I lost 1.5kg already after just taking it for 1 day! I could feel the drug working on my body @ night as I lay awake & knew I'd see results in the scale in the morning.
I can't wait to see how much I'll have lost by the end of the week @ my weigh-in with the doctor. I'm aiming to go down to size 32 since it seems possible with this miracle drug!
P.S. I forced myself to have a slice of brown toast with cheese & coffee this morning even though I could have gone without it. I want to make sure that I'm able to keep the weight after after going off the medication.


LOST 3.2kgs in 7 days!

Well, after day 7 on Duromine 15mg- I was 3.2kgs lighter & experiencing no more side effects as of 3rd day! I'm thrilled but hoping to slow the weight-loss down this week to about 2kgs only so that way it'll be easier for me to keep it off once I'm done. I'm size 34 & feel my clothes fitting loosely already- I wanna go down to size 32 in the next 3weeks.


I am on my 6th day taking Duromine.

I hear far too many people taking it for the wrong reasons, with the wrong ideas about it. I don't feel great about taking it and I can't wait to be off it. I hate medications, never taken any other than a couple of times needed some antibiotics for a sore throat etc, HOWEVER.....................this is why I am taking Duromine.

I used to be very very fit, I used to do a spinning class every day, followed by a body pump class most days, so about 2 hours of hard intense exercise per day. I ate around 1500 calories a day and all was fine and dandy, I lost weight, I looked great and everything was good. I got a back injury and even though my eating didnt change and I was only eating around 1500 calories a day with say a once weekly/fortnightly visit to somewhere naughty like a take away I piled on 15-20 kilos.

Now go figure the preachers of 'Just diet and exercise what is your problem?' types.............................I am now 82 Kilos, only 5ft 1 short and I stick to around 1300 calories per day and always have, again with the fortnightly treat of healthy lean protein, plenty of veg, low fat and I do 4-5 spinning classes a week and I work hard, I am one of the hardest workers in the class, I sweat buckets.......and yet, my weight has not changed one lb.

I think I am a prime candidate for Duromine as NOTHING else works................and being i am eating healthy and exercising and its not my only option for weight loss, I will keep it off once its gone. People who put the weight back on, if you go back to eating fried food, extra calories at the end and dont exercise, of course you will.

I also want to say about a lot of the negative posts........I have noticed some are from advertisers of internet purchase other diet pills, you know those con ones, they will tell you to try the brand they represent instead as its got less risk. Equally a lot of the horrible side effects are pre the new people saying about strokes etc are talking about a completely different chemical formulation, maybe Duro should have changed its name to stop this happening? My doc thinks its a great drug for people like myself who are not likely to put back on, but who's metabolism has hit a plateau.

I believe strongly, that my metabolism just believes that my 82 kilos is its healthy doesnt matter what I eat, I actually tested this theory and increased my calorie intake and ate bad things and I didnt put on a lb I could basically eat salad every day or burgers ever day and neither would make me lose or gain weight.........................hence, the Duromine will allow me to get rid of the weight then let my metabolism, healthy eating and exercise take over when I hopefully get there.

I have been eating.....................I had no appetite on day one, felt very groggy and woozy and didnt want to eat. Since then I have been eating around 1000 calories per day, one slice of multigrain toast for breakfast with some light peanut butter.....then about 2 hours later a small bowl of muesli (half cup), then for lunch I usually have some lean protein with veggies and one or two small baby potatoes, mid afternoon a little muesli bar and then dinner I have salad (like chicken or lean beef fillet) or a soup and small grain roll.

Downside, I havent weighed myself as I dont have weighing scales, but my arms look thinner and more toned as does my face, I have lost my double chin near enough. I have noticed, as someone else asked a question about earlier, that my stomach has gone wobbly, like the fat is maybe less compact or soemthing, like its breaking down so its wobbly instead of even though its a chubby tummy, its always been very firm, its now wobbly.............I have assumed its fat breaking down, so not so full of it.

As for side effects, am dreading it in case I far dry mouth, which is good as I dont drink water and now I want water al lhe time, I have been getting up at 5.30 and taking my pill so sleep hasnt been too big a deal, woke up a few times during the night a few times but I use Johnson and Johnsons Dreamy Skin before bed on my skin and it makes me sleep better I have found (whether thats psycholoical I dont know).

Funnily, I am a thinker, so often have anxious thoughts, am a worrier, but also fairly logical and methodical about feeling anxious. I am quite an aggressive person (although people often dont know that as I channel it instead of showing it).........and yet, since being on the Duromine, I have calmed massively, I have had no anxiety and its great, as I am learning that if I dont overthink and analyse everything and predict the bad things that could happen all the time, just how lovely life is, I start to well up in anger at some points at the annoying things in life, like someone cutting you off in the car...............but I start to and then something kicks in and calms me and its like 'ahhhhhh'.

One of the things I love about Duromine so far is when spinning.........................the faster I go, the more I get these tingles on my skin, like somoene is gently tickling your skin all up your arms, face, neck and across the top of the back..............its fabulous, so makes me work harder. I do have to be careful, as I seem to be pushing my boundaries whilst spinning potentially a bit too far but my spin instructor has used Duromine too, so she sometimes tells me to pull back if she sees me overdoing it.

I just hope it works.................I really deserve the body I want as I work so hard for it and do all the right things...............and I hope Duromine helps me to get there.

Just thought I would share :-)

Good luck everyone.


My story on Duromine:
I am 5"2 and 88kg, 23yo female.
I started yesterday and in one day have lost 1.2kg.
I ate three meals a day (toast/wrap/grilled chicken) and excercised for 30mins.
Side effects Ive experienced are faster heart rate, more energy, and couldnt sleep! Only 3hrs (if that) :-(
But I am so happy with the weight loss and want to continue.

My Husbands story on Duromine:
He weighed about 120kg and is about 5"10.
He took Duromine for 3 months and lost 30kgs.
He ate no carbs besides for breakyfast and had 3 meals a day. (mostly eggs and salad)
He excercised a bit but hardly at all.
Unfortenly he put all the weight back on slowly after that. He says this is because he didn't learn anything and went back to his old habits.
He got up to about 150kg. He then changed it eating habits and excercised intensly daily and now weighs 85kg and has kept it off (his goal weight it 75kg).

My friends story on Duromine:
She was about a size 16/18(australian sizes) and is about 5"4 or shorter. She went on Duromine for 3 months and got down to a size 10. She then stopped Duromine and fell pregnant and "ate anythign she wanted" she pigged out all day on junk and put the weight back on. She is now about a size 24 and tried all different methods of loosing weight and had no success. She most likely will never loose weight though because she's lazy and only eats junk food.


I am 5 foot 6 (168cm) and prior to starting duramine I weighed 96kg. My body had always maintained a body weight of 80kg, and no matter how hard I tried the weight never shifted. I accepted after 2 kids that was my new body shape. (I was previously 70kg)

Late last year I suddenly gained 15kg in a space of three months, without any change to diet or exercise program. I went to my doctor thinking it may have been a hormonal change - to be told - "Are you stressed, if so this can make you gain weight". Who in their right mind thinks this is a normal response from a doctor.

This led to six months with a naturpath - to be told my Estrogen levels were way to high, and my other hormones were too low. My whole body was under stress, and I had developed food intolerances to almost everything I ate on a daily basis.

After 3 months of being on a food elimination diet, the only thing that was lighter was my wallet. FYI my blood tests I had done after the natural treatment indicated I was at the low end of the scale but otherwise ok.

As a last resort I went on duromine, as I was sick of being fat, and began to hate myself.

I started on 30mg - in the first 3 days lost 1.5kg, then the weightloss slowed. I too hate side effects like rapid heartbeat, excessive thirst, and escessive sweating. All the above stopped after 4 days.

I still felt hungry at meal times, and felt it wearing off at around 6pm every day. After 1 month I had lost a total of 2.5kg.

Being a little disappointed, my doctor explained that a loss of 1/2 to 1kg a week is good as you will maintain the loss once off the tablet, he also explained some people take a while before the full effects kick in. I was then upped to the 40mg dose.

Initially when switching to the higher dose I got all the side effects again, only for 4 days however then everything settled down.
Note to everyone who uses duromine headaches are caused by dehydration, drink when thirsty - otherwise you get awful headaches, stomach cramping and then constipation. ( all caused by dehydration)

After 2 months on duromine I have lost 6kg - whilst not miraculous like some users who lose 5kg in one week - those people you will find gain it all back and then some. I am starting to feel better about myself. I am now wearing clothes that have not fit in 6 months

I have just got my third script. The only side effect I have is thirst (some days are worse than others) and a complete sense of calm. I am no longer as stressed as I used to be. I still feel hungry, but with this medication you feel full before you finish your meal. If you learn to stop then, and not emotionally eat you will be fine. I still eat three meals a day - but they are smaller portions and there is no snacking any more.

I have even had my heartrate tested whilst on this - with a resting heart rate of 66 beats a minute.

For the first time in my life I have stopped looking at the scales. I have finally learnt to register the full feeling in the stomach, and have a better idea of portion size. I have also started taking it every second day at weekends, as I find when you are not as active, duromine seems to take a few days to wear off.

I plan on staying on this until I reach my goal weight of 70-75kg if my doctor will let me.

Good luck to everyone on the weightloss journey

Take care


Hi guys, maybe somebody has an answer. I am 24 year old man 245 lbs at 6'2".
I've started Duromine 30 mg and its the 2nd day ,when i am on it. Strangely enough it doesn't feel anything. No side effects besides for a dry mouth. Appetite is still there, a little bit less, but not significantly less.
Sleep is fine I can even take a nap whenever I want to. Maybe it takes a week or so to kick in ?
I was wondering if taking two pills would do anything or it's too dangerous?



Hi everyone...

I'm 18yo/f/168cm. I was prescribed 30mg Duromine at 83.4kg, size 14 Aus

I had my first child just over a year ago, before falling pregnant I was very active and a healthy 67kg. I pigged out and put on alot of weight, I got up to 90kg at full term pregnancy. I managed to drop 6 kgs on my own in a year but i felt i wasnt seeing results quick enough. So I went to the doctor and was prescribed 30mg duromine with 2 repeats (3 months worth).

So far I havnt had any bad side effects, maybe a little more thirsty than usual and feeling short of breath while excercising (which just could be me being unfit). I've been taking the tablet at 6am daily and sleeping well.

My apetite has strongly decreased, I have been forcing myself to have an egg for breakfast every morning, i hardly feel like lunch i usually have a bannana or something and for dinner a healthy choise (packaged) frozen meal which i struggle to finish. Just before going to bed I get quite hungry, but i just have a large drink of water or diet cordial and go to sleep.

I lost approx 2kgs in the first 2 days without excercise due to bad weather which really boosted my confidence, since then i've been losing about 0.3 -0.5 overnight with a morning 20-30min walk and 30mins Zumba (aerobic/dance) workout.

So in the first 5 days on Duromine I am down to 79.7kgs, havnt really noticed my clothes getting baggy, just that my double chin is vanishing and I no longer feel bloated.

I'd strongly suggest using it, I've had nothing but good results so far, It's changing my eating habits and hopefully with regular excercise i will be able to keep the weight off.


My Partner is also taking it, but was prescribed 40mg for one month only.

He is 6ft 116kg a size XL/98-102cm waist.
He has lost 5kgs in 4 days!!!
Now down to 111kg and feeling very good about himself. He eats the same as me, but doesnt excercise although he does does work in a hot environment with heavy lifting ect. His goal weight is 90kg.


I have been on duromine for 10days , and I think it is going well. I have lost 5 kg so far and need to loose about 10more. I do exercise (like I always have-even before duromine). But because I have such bad eating habbits now, the gym is killing me! Could anyone suggest some meal replacement as the idea of having a plate of food puts me off!

Also , is there anyone who lost weight with duromine , and after still maintained a the weight? I only want this to be like a kick-start?


My ex-partner has been using Duromine but I do not know how long for. She has become impossible to live with because she was awake all the time from the side-effects we could not sleep in the same bed, she seemed very agitated, and her temper tantrums just went wildly out of control. We argued non-stop and she also suffered other side effects like constipation, and it was when she started snapping at our daughter I told her to choose between us and her obsession with weight-loss.

So we aren't together now... but I am happier and my daughter is safe from her brutal temper tantrums and paranoia.


I'll add my two cents.
I am a Male. In mid 2008 i was around 108kg and my height was around 180cm. I decided to take Duromine and see what happens. I did not take it every day due to school and not wanting constant sleepless nights. By the end of the year i weighed 88kg, so basically in 4-5months i lost 20kg from Duromine. If you take it you have to try not eat to many calories throughout the day you can't just take the capsule and then eat like a fat ass. Eventually i found that one capsule would last me 2 or 3 days meaning my appetite was very low and i only took duromine occasionally. The following year in 2009 i watched how much calories i put into my body and without Duromine i lost a further 2kg and was around 86kg. As the year went on i got a little lazy would drink and eat a lot when going out and at the start of this year i was around 92kg. From February-May i would take duromine once a week(It would last me 2 or 3 days as i said before) and without much exercise and using Duromine fairly rarely just watching my calorie in take i am now 81kg. So Duromine would usually give me a boost in weight loss at the start of each week.

So what i can say is Duromine works great in short bursts. Maybe take it for a week then drop it for a while and take it again. That seems to have worked for me. I am now 184cm and weight 81kg. My BMI went from 33.3 to 23.9 Over two years having lost 20kg in 5 months and then a further 11kg from Feb-May taking duromine once a week. Remember though once your off it completely watch what you eat and drink otherwise you will put the weight on very quickly.