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Hi everyone,

I have a problem that I have been dealing with for ten years now. Since I was 12, I have had unexplained weight gain, and the weight I have gained over the years, even with strict diets and exercise, has never gone away. Here is my story, please help me if you can. I was always an active child and at the age of 12, I was a size 2 in jr clothing. Over the summer months, I went up to a size 10/12. I was still active in dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics, and never over ate. Back then, I believed it was puberty. After all, my period came a year later. The weight gain bothered me greatly, but it was spread evenly through my body.

At age 14, I weighed 165 lbs, and was about 5'4" then. I got into soccer, and was determined to shed some weight. For the next two years my diet was strict. I never ate sweets. Ate salads with no dressing, grilled chicken, and drank water. I'd run 6-7 miles a day, 6 days per week and also did a light weight routine to tone my muscles. I gained 10 pounds. Frustrated and confused, I went to my family doctor. He could not explain why I was not losing weight, and perscribed me the drug adipex. I lost 30 lbs but gained all the weight back after being taken off the pill in about 2 weeks.

By the end of highschool, still playing sports and being very active, I was up to 180 lbs. I had tried weight watchers, a no carb diet, and even the atkins diet by this point, and NOTHING helped. Even more disturbing is I would get stretch marks on different parts of my body BEFORE I ganied weight. It seemed like these marks would appear out of no where on my legs, hips, stomach, arms, butt, and breasts, and within the next two days I would no longer be able to button my jeans.

At my heaviest, at age 20, I was 5'7" and weighed 260 lbs. Doctors have always accused me of being lazy and over eating. I would eat 1200 calories a day, and with 3 jobs, I was always on the go. I did lose 25 lbs after I had mono for the 3rd time, but again, gained the weight back.

I'm now 22 and pregnant with my first child who is due Feb 18, 2011. At the start of my pregnancy I weighed 250lbs, and to my suprise, I've LOST weight. I'm down to 234 lbs. And still, I eat healthy... 90% of the time. This pregnancy has been very rough. I've had migraine headaches since age 11, but for the past month and a half, I've a a consistant migraine along with seeing floaties or fuzzies. Its so bad that at times, I can't even get out of bed, and I can't eat. I force myself to. My baby is growing healthy and is doing great however!

I'm worried about gaining to much weight and not being able to lose it. I'm more worried for my health now more then ever for the sake of my child and my husband.

I have had other health issues like chronic tonsilitus, at least 8 cases a year for the past 2 years, sever migraines, anemia since age 12, anxiety, insomnia, unexplained rashes or bumps on my skin, and either high or low blood pressure... it goes up and down.

Doctors really haven't listened to me or have been unable to tell me why I can't lose weight. Please keep in mind that I have tried diet pills, over 20 different diets, depression/anxiety medication, and have always been pretty active. I'm just very lost and hope and pray that someone, after all these years will be able to help me, and I can be at a healthy weight again. My goal is to lose 80 lbs... no matter how long it takes.

Thank you so much, and sorry this was so long.


Have you been investigated for some type of hormonal imbalance. Weight gain is often attributed to underactive thyroid function, as is adrenal dysfunction, which might also affect your blood pressure and immunity which you mention feature in your health history. Adrenal dysfunction is often seen with high levels of anxiety and insomnia so this particularly might be something to look at. Low calorie intake and excessive exercise can cause levels of cortisol to be raised as it breaks down fat and tries to provide necessary glucose to the body. Interestingly you say that you lost weight in pregnancy, again suggesting something hormonal - perhaps also test for testosterone and insulin levels.

Your regular doctor should be able to test for insulin and testosterone, but you may want to find a specialist who can do the adrenal/thyroid testing. I'm not US based so couldn't point you in the right direction, so suggest you ask the testing companies to recommend a nutritionist.

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