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I'm 28 and in my life I have NEVER lost weight. Well, I did once, when I had pneumonia and almost died. I had not eaten for four days.

I've had two kids, and before I was pregnant I was slightly above weight, but not concerned. With my son I gained 40 lbs. With my daughter I gained another 40, putting me at a whopping 253 pounds currently. I have not gained weight post pregnancy, and it seems that no matter how hard I try I can not get rid of EIGHTY pounds of baby weight. I nursed both children (which, if I am any indicator, nursing helping you lose weight is total baloney).

We do not eat out, ever. I have started back to school, and one day every two weeks we will budget eating out, just to make sure that the day works and I don't wind up not eating at all. It is far too easy for me to not eat. I frequently totally forget to eat. I am currently eating 1200 calories, down from 1600, because I saw jack squat for improvement at 1600, and I found it difficult to eat that much.
Food is quality- we cook our food and love making delicious, healthy dishes. My favorite food is spinach, and I could eat it all day (but I don't). I have been lately trying to repeat meals- for breakfast I have a slim fast shake (new as well) and I put a dab of whole yogurt in it. I don't like overly sweet yogurt, so I get greek yogurt, and use just a little in the shake (which is also too sweet). A while later I have an apple. For lunch I have a shake, and some lentils or some nuts. For dinner the meal varies, but generally includes some sort of protein (grass-fed beef or fish or chicken) and greens. Occasionally I will indulge in something like fish tacos that has a bit more fat, but these are also homemade.

I have a gym membership and I use it. I can easily do half an hour hard on the elliptical and can lift weights quite easily. I have a hard time all out running on a treadmill because my knees have suffered from rapid weight gain. I have to stretch and do some knee strengthening exercises before trying to /run/. I love to swim, and I involuntarily exercise at school getting from upper campus to lower campus in the space of ten minutes (close to a mile) twice on school days.

I have nothing else that bothers me aside from my weight. I HATE my weight. I hate how I feel with this much weight. My hubby assures me and demonstrates how attractive he finds me, but I cannot convince myself. I just see FAT. I hate shopping for pants. I hate looking in the mirror after buying pants. I hate the weight in my face and the weight on my neck. I hate that my fingers look like little sausages. I never feel sexy for him. My daughter has a heart defect, and I am terrified that she will inherit this legacy from me instead of my husband's stellar metabolism.
It's frustrating because I don't really feel weak. I can do things, do them quickly. I'm flexible! I have a nice face and hair, and I used to lack motivation, but I have tons of it now, and it is not helping. My knees may hurt sometimes, but it doesn't stop me aside from running for long distances, I can certainly use a bike well, and play things like Dance Dance Revolution with no issue. And yet the scale never ever budges.

Possibly relevant:
My mother has PCOS. My grandmother on my dad's side, and (her mother before her) cannot eat any more than 800 calories without gaining weight. My great grandmother used to have an apple for dinner. Are there disorders where you have to eat radically few calories?


I recommend the R&D Diet Cookie program as orginally designed... about 800-900 cal per day.  I think it will work for you.  At least for a month or 2 to kick things off.  I know it would motivate you!


I would recommend eating a highly varied diet based primarily on vegetables and fruits, with some meats and minimal grains. This will add a large amount of beneficial fiber, which aids in boosting your metabolism while minimizing caloric intake. Add activity, 25 minutes of strenuous exercise each day.