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i had first intercorse in my vagina"please be noted that it's my first intercorse not my first having sex :$ ." and i didnt bleed or get any pain,and iam realy confused 8-| !!!why this didnt happen??i went to a doctor he said he is a bit cut.then i had intercorse again and that time was rough but i didnt bleed also,it was just a little blood like i had a small cut in my finger.but still there was no it normal.please please i need an answer.thanks


Yes, this is normal.

Some girls bleed from their hymen ripping.
Some girls do not. Some girls do not experience any torn hymen with sex, while most find intercourse will produce some pain and bleeding.

However, you may have already had some tearing from other forms of excercize and not known it.

I think you said the doctor told you that you were slightly ripped.

I would hope that you're using birth control and extra lubrication if you are continuing to have sex. Your partner should be considerate to your feelings, and take it easy with you, especially if you are inexperienced.

Feel free to speak with your doctor and nurses at your medical clinic again. There is alot more to learn about you, your body and relationships than we can cover here.

Good luck! 8)


it is normal, you may have been so aroused you never felt your hymen tear, also some are very flexible,and will simply open. don't be suprised if you do bleed, one day. but don't be worried because you don't