Chlamydia is the most common STD and new research is trying to develop first vaccine in the world for Chlamydia. Researchers are starting new tests on animals trying to find out how body’s immune system responds to this disease.

Vaccine should direct immune fighting cells ( T-cells) to protect against Chlamydia specifically.
Researches hope that by finding out how immune system is fighting against Chlamydia they would be able to develop the vaccine. Main idea of the study is to find correlation between Chlamydia and cells in the body and how does immune system reacts on those infected cells. By doing that, they will be able to understand what immune cells need to be stimulated in order to fight infection caused by Chlamydia.

Study is still in the experimental stage and test are preformed on mice but researchers hope that within three years they will start testing the vaccine on women. Chlamydia infection is treated by antibiotics but there’s still no medicine that prevents this disease of happening. Large number of women don’t even know that they’re infected because symptoms are not visible and they don’t receive treatment on time. Developing this vaccine is going to help spreading the infection.