Researchers finished small study on malaria vaccine and they say that they have promising results. This vaccine triggered strong immune response among 40 adult persons who received it and everyone reacted very well to the vaccine. This was first study which was designed to block malaria parasite from entering in human blood cells and now researchers are preparing second study which involves children from age one to six.

Malaria is one of the deadliest diseases in Africa and statistics say that it kills more than million people every year and most of the victims are children. Malaria is prelevant in northeastern Mali and during August and September, in rainy season people usually get around 60 malaria – transmitting mosquito bites per month.

During the research participants received one injection every month in a period of three months and at the start all of them had high levels of antibodies against malaria in their blood which showed that they had prior exposure to the parasite. Results of the study showed that participants who received vaccine had six times more antibodies than those who didn’t receive vaccine.

More research needs to be done, but scientists believe next research will provide more beneficial results.